Spirit Values

YHA is built upon strong foundations and we believe our vision and values contribute directly to our success. We all play a part in ensuring these values and behaviours are right at the heart of what we do.

Our Vision:
YHA is aiming to reach out and enhance the lives of all young people.

Our Mission:
To inspire all, especially young people, to broaden their horizons, gaining knowledge and independence through new experiences of adventure and discovery.

Within the next three years we aspire to reach one million young people per year.

YHA SPIRIT values are our ways of working as an organisation. They help us to ensure that our values are upheld across our work, and are visible to our customers in everything we do.

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• We care for the environment
• We encourage young people to do the same
• We work for the long term good of YHA

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• We love what we do
• We take great pride in the opportunities we create
• We are all ambassadors for YHA

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• We are always looking for new ways to create more opportunities
• We challenge the norm – looking for better ways of working
• We learn from everything we do and we share our learning

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• We are all responsible for making a positive impact on young people
• We are all responsible for achieving our Vision
• We are all responsible for giving our guests a great experience

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• We make YHA as accessible as possible for everyone, especially young people
• We welcome all irrespective of their background, beliefs or culture
• We work as a team and respect and support each other

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• We will offer a safe and secure environment for all young people
• We are trusted to perform our individual roles within YHA and trust our colleagues
• We act with integrity