About Us

We are enthusiastic about our business and passionate about delivering quality and flavour. To achieve this we believe that where we source our produce is key. Our products are sourced according to quality, provenance and sustainability. We work hard to make sure that every ingredient is ethically sourced in accordance with our strict environmental and quality guidelines. The fish we serve comes from the most sustainable sources available to us. Our coffee supplier follow UTZ guidelines. UTZ encourages farmers to grow their products better, and take care of their environment, land and local communities.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the food we serve. All our new restaurants have low voltage LED lighting which has a reduced output which is far kinder to the environment. Our menus are printed on recycled paper and we recycle the waste glass in all of our restaurants. Tin and cardboard is also recycled wherever possible.

As there are products which can only be purchased made from non-recycled material, we commit to protecting one acre of rainforest per restaurant each year. Each acre contains on average 300 trees.