About us

Many many years ago…. Well, in 2003 to be exact, two men ventured out in search of a dream…they couldn’t find it, so they opened a pub instead. The name of this charming little wayside retreat was The Chaser Inn. Knowing this project was too much for one man alone, Mr Brian Whiting enlisted the help of his old chum Darren Somerton – and what a team! Nothing could stop this intrepid duo, Brian entertaining from behind the bar and Darren creating culinary delights in the kitchen.

It soon became apparent that this intoxicating mix of fine food and whitty banter was too much for mere mortals to resist so within no time at all the place was a success.

Why stop now thought our plucky pair – surely there must be other pubs in need of the same treatment so within two shakes of a lambs tail the Whiting and Hammond group had grown 6 pubs.

Where will it all end I hear you ask well who knows, but what is for sure is that no matter which of our wonderful  pubs you wander into you can be assured of a warm welcome, some fantastic food and a great atmosphere.

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