Wellbeing of a Future Generation

Our aim is essentially to provide ‘Wellbeing’ to all people and communities 

A Healthier Wales 

An Equal Wales 

• Providing staff /volunteers with opportunities for outdoor recreation/activity 

• Helping people learn about/get access to fresh produce 

• Providing opportunities to build self-esteem and confidence 

• Raising awareness of health conditions and ways to avoid these 

• Promoting ‘active travel’ – walking or cycling to improve fitness/reduce air pollution 

• A robust Equal Opportunities policy – and influencing others e.g. part of induction 

• Routine consideration of accessibility requirements passed downstream to e.g. venues 

• Tailoring campaigns/activities to reach different audiences 

• Helping to reduce inequalities in health/ education/income 

• Educating or raising awareness of different rights 

A Prosperous Wales 

A Resilient Wales 

• Helping volunteers or participants gain skills or move into employment 

• A training programme for staff / volunteers and a commitment to career progression 

• Prioritising local/Welsh suppliers to keep money in the local economy and help keep shops/services open 

• Actions around financial literacy 

• Environmental policies or management systems 

• Consideration of e.g. climate change in purchasing, travel or ICT policies 

• Board commitment to considering global environmental issues as part of strategic planning 

• Actions or projects to enhance or educate about natural environment – even if the environment is not the primary concern e.g. gardening project to enhance community pride 

• Supporting volunteers in ‘emergency response’ planning for e.g. flooding 

Cohesive Communities 

A Vibrant Culture 

• Supporting access to local decision making or community-control of resources/assets 

• Building local capacity and confidence 

• Providing opportunities/neutral space for people to meet and mix 

• Promoting intergenerational / multicultural understanding 

• Implementing a robust Welsh Language policy 

• Creating opportunities to visit/work in places of natural/historic/cultural heritage 

• Helping staff/volunteers/participants access/understand/enjoy cultural activities 

Globally Responsible 

• Consideration of global impacts in day to day purchasing/travel 

• An ethical investment policy 

• Actions to promote international understanding or raise awareness of international issues 

• Promotion of volunteer opportunities or campaigns to benefit developing countries 

• Coordinating support for international relief efforts