About us

We make people feel human again

Our purpose is to delight road-weary travellers by offering unexpectedly human experiences in comfortable, clean and safe surroundings. We aim to make people feel human again, energised and ready for their journey ahead. So while the choice of world class brands we offer brings in customers, it's the quality of the service that keeps them going back.

At Welcome Break we have five steps of service that all our teams follow to make sure that their customers have service that's personalised to them.

Warm Welcome - We welcome customers with a big, friendly smile. We're always ready to help.

Speedy Service - We always serve customers with speed and urgency, never skimping on standards.

Suggestive Sell - We're happy to suggest something a customer might enjoy.

Perfect Product - Customers buy with their eyes - so our teams make sure that everything we prepare and sell looks great.

Fond Farewell - We always thank the customer, say goodbye and wish them a safe journey.