My wife and I wanted to move back to Wiltshire and we wanted a pub with a good B&B opportunity. We had heard good things about Wadworth, so we had a look at their website. We saw a pub that was of interest to us and dialled the number. We met the BDM on site and we agreed the outline of a deal there and then. We firmed up the deal and signed the contract. We were told we would have to go on a “welcome to Wadworth course”. I tried to explain we had 15 years’ experience working with Enterprise and Punch, but we were told it was compulsory. Well, you’re never too old to learn. The course was one of a number we have attended at their training centre. Very professional, to the point and very helpful.

When we took over our pub, the company couldn’t have been more supportive. They seemed to have a simple view on the business, “if it helps us sell more beer, we’re interested”. If you have a problem, they work with you. I would describe it as a real partnership, which in my experience was often said, but never delivered. “Waddies” is a small company that believes in its people as well as its pubs. They really are nice people to do business with.

Jim Brent
Antelope, Upavon

If you are reading this then you are either already part of the Wadworthshire Team or contemplating becoming a member of one of the Countries leading small breweries. They are not perfect, but then who is? Membership is based on you and you alone. Help will be there in product training, stock control, cellar management and all the bits & bobs that help to make a successful publican. Primarily it is you who will create a successful business. The C.E.O’s office door is always open, should you need real help, with continued support from the Trade Manager at any time. We have been tenants of Wadworth for over a decade and I say, hand on heart, we would not be involved with any other pub company.

In conclusion I would sum up by saying in the words of John Wayne “  it’s no good talking the talk unless you walk the walk”. 

The Poplars @ Wingfield

After moving from a Large Brewery (Marstons) to Wadworth we have found the level of support from both Wadworth and our LBDM to be excellent. 
The Introductory course was both helpful and informative, much more so than one I had previously attended with another large Brewery.
Our LBDM (Ken Russell) understands the business and the problems we faced in trying to reposition our pub, it has and is an uphill struggle which both he and Wadworth understand and both have provided excellent support to us.
We are sure if we we were with a large Brewery we would not have received the same levels of support and help, there we were just a Pub Number whereas with Wadworth we are people with names.

Steve Cooke, tenant of the Plume of Feathers, Sherborne