About us

Vibrant Partnerships is a charitable organisation which thrives on delivering community focused, accessible programmes through sport, leisure and entertainment to create the ultimate visitor destination.

Lee Valley Regional Park - jobs - imageWe currently manage Lee Valley Regional Park Authority’s leisure operations including three London 2012 legacy venues – Lee Valley VeloPark, Lee Valley White Water Centre and Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre – and 11 of its other sport and leisure facilities.

Our business philosophy is centred on working in partnership with our clients to deliver measurable benefits – from identifying and maximising commercial opportunities, to creating operational efficiencies and enhancing profitability and growth for future years.

Vibrant Partnerships’ nine board members and senior management team have extensive leisure industry knowledge, contacts and a wealth of experience in business in both the public and private sector. This expertise provides dynamic governance and a flexible management structure to ensure that commercial opportunities are realised whilst working hand in hand to create opportunities for local communities and inspire future generations.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to create vibrant visitor destinations.

We are committed to delivering exceptional service and deliver what we promise and in doing so, create vibrant destinations that are buzzing with life and activity and delight our customers.

Commercially driven – Through innovative product development, investment in venues and services and through effective marketing plans the commercial potential of all venues are realised.

Delivering outcomes – We are focused on delivering the outcomes and objectives of our clients such as striving to become a world class visitor destination and promoting our client’s brand. This means being outstanding in all that we do and setting new standards in the sport and leisure industry with a commitment to legacy.

Aspiring for excellence – We aspire for excellence to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver exceptional service in all that we do whilst recognising the values and importance of our customers and staff.

Innovation and creativity – through embracing new ideas and using expert knowledge we develop commercially viable products and projects to increase visitor numbers and enhance the visitor experience.