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My name is Jenny. I’m 19 and I’m a Kids Rep. I currently work on the beautiful island of Mallorca for my first placement abroad with TUI.

I began my career with TUI in March 2017 when I flew out to Mallorca to carry out a 5-day training course. Just 3 weeks later I flew back out to Mallorca to start work in the TUI Family Life Hotel Kids’ Club.

I was really nervous when I first applied for the position as a Kid’s Rep. I was worried about moving away from home and living in a different country with people I had only just met. I pondered whether I would become friends with my colleagues. I never expected to love this job as much as I do now and 6 months down the line I’ve made great relationships with people from all over the world.

Throughout the season I have gained so many more amazing skills. My confidence has really grown from leading a team and speaking to families from different nationalities. Picking up the basics of new languages I have learnt really helps. With the support of others in the company, I have been given the great opportunity to become a Childcare Supervisor next year by completing the JUMP Program, which I also found incredibly rewarding to complete.

The job is hard some days but also really rewarding, knowing that at the end of each day you have played a part in making a family’s holiday truly amazing and unforgettable. We thrive to offer an exceptional customer service. I am so glad I pushed myself to apply for a kids Rep role with TUI. I cannot wait for my next season to start in my new role as Child Care supervisor, in another awesome destination.

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My name is Sam and I have just finished working my summer season in Turkey. This summer I was working as Academy Team Leader in the exciting Holiday Village concept. 

I first joined TUI in 2015 as a Swimming Instructor working in a Holiday Village in Egypt. This was my first experience working abroad, away from home. I wasn’t sure what to expect, whether it would be right for me or how hard it would be living away from friends and family.

I soon realised what an incredible opportunity I had. After falling in love with overseas life I managed to gain lots of confidence and knowledge throughout my first season. I was already eagerly awaiting another summer season abroad. One of the main reasons I’ve carried on working with TUI, is the opportunity to working in different destinations all over the world in several different job roles. I am currently working a winter season as a Holiday Advisor in Lanzarote, which makes this my fifth season with the company in four different job roles.

Throughout my time with TUI I have always been keen to build upon my skills and knowledge for my future career. I have been lucky enough to work with experienced, passionate and hardworking individuals in the past which has helped enhance my own development. I have received support and guidance whilst completing the JUMP program to step into people management. I have been lucky enough this year to complete the required steps and gain promotion to Customer Service Team Manager for Summer 2018 – an achievement I am extremely proud of. 

If working overseas, creating memorable holidays for families abroad and exceeding customer expectations then YOU need to apply today. Trust me, you will never look back.

Here’s to summer 2018!

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My name is Michael and I am a football coach working in our TUI Holiday Villages. I have just finished my 4th summer for TUI and this year I was in sunny Tenerife.

My career with TUI started in May 2014 when I drove up to the TUI UK head office, Wigmore House, in Luton for my Assessment Day. I was so nervous but also excited about the possibility of a new challenge. 

For the Assessment Day we were set different task such as delivering a presentation on an excursion, taking part in group activities and a one-to-one interview. After the day I left feeling really positive and eager to find out if I would be spending the summer in the sun. The very next day I received a phone call informing me that I was successful and in 3 weeks I would be heading to Lanzarote for my first summer!

I had never been to Lanzarote. I had not been on a plane for almost 10 years and I was only 19 years old at the time. I was very nervous and unsure whether it was the right path for me. 

But thankfully I took the leap! I got on the plane and my life changed forever. My first summer was unbelievable! I arrived in resort to be greeted by my big Holiday Village team made up of Holiday Reps, Entertainers and Childcare Reps who were all so warm and welcoming. Little did I know, that over the next few months these strangers would become like family to me. It was amazing to work alongside a group of people who were so talented and passionate about what they do! 

Over the 4 years, I have worked in Holiday villages in Lanzarote, Turkey, Portugal and Tenerife. I was promoted to academy team leader after my second season, meaning that I would become a part of the management team and oversee the Swim and Stage academies as well as being a Football Coach. 

As well as this, working with TUI has given me fantastic opportunities over the winter months. I was able to work in a TUI retail shop last winter to see how the holidays are sold, and this winter I have been given the chance to work in Wigmore house, to work on the development of the academies, the very place where my journey started.

I am lucky enough to be heading back to Turkey, my favourite destination, for summer 18.

I hope to see you there! Good luck!

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