Team Testimonials

Cosimo - General Manager

It’s already been more than two years since I started working as kitchen porter at Tossed.

Coming to London from the sunny City of Napoli and joining the company, is a decision that I’ll never regret. 

I needed a change and I found in Tossed what I was looking for: a place where “The Person” is still the center of the business project.

Ambition and hard-working skills, made my career developing so fast: in less than two years I became General Manager pushing a small store to its very best ever.

I’m now facing a new challenge as I have been allocated to another bigger store to prove I can do a great job there too.

Family and friendly environment make me feel like staying here for a very long time. Once you join this company, you are part of the family. And nobody wants to leave the family!

tossed cosimo

Cris - Head of Brand Standards

I joined Tossed in 2012 as a manager for a new store opening. After a bit of a struggle the store started performing well and I have been offered the opportunity to look after other sites. I worked as operation manager for a while and worked my way up to Head of Brand Standards, which is my current position. I strongly believe in the company, and This is the reason why I decided to accept the challenge. 

I love Tossed people and the mentality. Vincent is always a step ahead of all other businesses, and this is what I do in my personal life.

You will never be a number in Tossed. People know everybody and call them by name. This is very engaging and important to make the team feel part of the family. I’m very happy. It’s already 6 years I’m part of Tossed family, and I never had any problem to speak with our headquarter peers and colleagues. Tossed is a very good place to work. We work very hard as a team, and so having fun enjoying all the benefits and the number of parties, gathering and (quite a few) drinks. 

tossed chris

Gillie - Marketing and Communications Manager

I started in March 2018 as a Team Member in Tossed Holborn Viaduct, after a few months I was picked to be part of a new store opening team!

As I had a degree in Communications and Marketing and a few years experience in that area, I quickly addressed the head of HR, Emily, to try and see if the Green house needed extra support in Communications and Marketing. Lucky me, a few months later, a position opened in the Greenhouse and I got contacted. I’m currently Marketing and Communications manager for both Tossed and Vital Ingredient. 

I’m thrilled and I super excited to be part of the Tossed family. I LOVE salad and I quickly fell for the halloumi and veg. A big part of my in-store experience was the Tossed spirit: I was always encouraged to learn, grow and be my best self. Whether it’s in store or in the Greenhouse, I’ve always been supported, my ambition and my natural bubbliness were always encouraged. It’s always great to work in an environment where you’re encouraged to be yourself! If you add free weekends and some time to enjoy life in London, a starting salary over the minimum wage and the team spirit then you have no other choice than join us now!

tossed gillie