About us

Timothy Taylor’s is an independent, family owned brewery based on the Knowle Spring in Keighley. We have over 150 years of brewing experience and are renowned for the quality of award winning beer. Our permanent cask conditioned beers consist of Landlord, Knowle Spring, Boltmaker, Golden Best, Dark Mild and Ram Tam.

With the addition of our new small-scale brewery, our brewers are now able to produce limited-edition seasonal beers like our Taylor Made range.

A proud history of brewing

In 1958 Timothy Taylor began brewing beer in Cook Lane in the West Riding town of Keighley. He struck upon a successful formula and in 1863 set up and built a larger brewery at Knowle Spring, where the company has remained ever since.

The brewery remains in the Taylor family and is now the last independent brewery of its type left in West Yorkshire. This independence enables Taylor’s to survive as one of the few brewers still brewing true cask ales in the same way it has always done.

We can’t put the unique taste of Timothy Taylor’s beer down to any single thing. It’s a result of years of hard work, skill and doing things the hard way because we think it makes the difference. Taking extra time, care and pride in traditional, hands-on brewing, and making no compromises when it comes to ingredients.

All for that taste of Taylor’s

Every Timothy Taylor’s pub has a character of its own where you can enjoy a warm welcome, well-kept beer and cosy surroundings. All of our pubs are Cask Marque accredited, and you’ll go a long way to find a better pint. Many of our pubs also do great food made with locally sourced ingredients. We also have some pubs with rooms if you fancy making a night of it.