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Angry Birds nesting in a brand new land, Stealth soaring sky high, THE SWARM brave flying backwards, the movie scare of SAW-The Ride, white knuckle thrills aboard Colossus and Nemisis Inferno plus the ultimate super-soaking Tidal Wave – just some of the thrilling experiences you’ll find at THORPE PARK Resort and probably the most exhilarating place to work in the UK.

If you're enthusiastic, friendly and work well in a team, you couldn't pick a more exciting place to work. Your age doesn't matter - but being switched-on to first-rate customer service definitely does. Our success depends on ensuring our customers can really let go and enjoy the time of their lives, so it's essential that every member of every team is dedicated to making that happen.

So why not step up? One thing's for sure we’ll make your heart beat faster.

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