Our Team

Joining our team is an opportunity to experience the many roles within the hospitality business, gaining invaluable knowledge of food, drinks and service. We hire personality and a great attitude, regardless of whether we are recruiting ‘waiters’, ‘housekeepers’ or ‘chefs’, our organic approach to building our team means that you will find your calling in good time. Scroll down to meet our team and learn about their journey so far.

Ewan – General Manager

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Before joining The Wild Rabbit, Ewan enjoyed a diverse hospitality career, working in award-winning hotels and restaurants across the world, including acclaimed seafood restaurants Ondine by Roy Brett in Edinburgh, luxury Foxhills Country Club & Resort in Surrey and 15th century Borthwick Castle in Edinburgh.

5 minutes with our General Manager

What drew you to The Wild Rabbit?

As soon as I knew of the opportunity, the reputation of The Wild Rabbit and the ethos of Daylesford made this a dream opportunity. Once I met the team, I couldn’t wait to get started. The marriage of quality produce, sustainably and ethically sourced, is rare.

What makes The Wild Rabbit so unique?

Without doubt, the link to a renowned organic farm like Daylesford is an incredible string to our bow. We also have wonderful partners including Léoube wines and olive oil, Bamford toiletries and Wootton’s wonderful livestock – it’s an incredible story of homegrown partnerships.

In a difficult marketplace, every decision we make is centred on providing quality and luxury, yet making it feel effortlessly relaxed.

What has been your biggest learning at The Wild Rabbit so far?

Learning more about the seasonal cycle at the farm, and the awareness of the sustainable ethos has been a real eye-opener. To have ambassadors in the industry like Richard Smith and Tim Field is a real pleasure. Their enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Name one thing about The Wild Rabbit that would take someone by surprise

Sometimes the small day to day elements are taken as a given, such as breakfast – ours is fantastic! We feature our own breads, butter and eggs from the farm. It’s worth a visit for this alone.

What is your advice for someone who is looking for their first job in hospitality?

Always face the guest, scan a room at eye level, and never let anyone approach you – go to them!

What is your top memory at The Wild Rabbit?

The summer season was fantastic – having the “Bottoms Up” bar and grill in full swing, Jerry and the team ensuring the Léoube Rose was free-flowing, and looking forward to specials based around the latest wonders from the market garden was a joy. I am happiest when we are busy.

Nathan – Head Chef

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Nathan joined The Wild Rabbit as Head Chef in December 2017. Previously Head Chef at the Michelin starred Simpsons Restaurant in Birmingham, Nathan has worked at a number of award-winning restaurants during his exciting career. Nathan’s love of seasonal, quality ingredients is inspired by the bounty of local produce.

What drew you to The Wild Rabbit?

The moment our Food Director, John Hardwick, gave me the tour of the Daylesford farm, I was completely blown away. The possibility for a cook to use such amazing organic produce was an opportunity that any chef dreams of and one I was not going to allow out of my grasp!

What makes The Wild Rabbit so unique?

The Wild Rabbit for me is a one-stop shop for everything you would want to get out of a Cotswolds experience. Roaring log fires in the colder months, to a sun-soaked terrace, perfect for sipping Léoube wine in the summer; it is a magnificent place to eat, dine and stay.

What is so special about the Market Garden at Daylesford?

First and foremost, it is the team. The Head of the Market Garden, Jez Taylor, and the team are so passionate about what they produce. We speak to the growers directly to get an understanding of what organic farming is all about and Jez understands how best to showcase his produce at The Wild Rabbit. The synergy between farmer and chef has never been at the forefront of a guest experience; it is up to us as custodians of the stoves and Jez as custodian of the field to make it happen and to tell the story of farm to plate as best we can.

What sums up a classic dish at The Wild Rabbit?

We are highly seasonal at The Wild Rabbit. Our Daylesford Market Garden Salad is on our menus all year round. It has staple components that will not change; for example, Daylesford’s Head Cheesemaker, Peter’s lactic Foscot cheese, Jez’s salad leaves and Head Baker Tibor’s bread for croutons. In the winter we salt bake root vegetables, and in the summer we use a lighter approach by serving market garden peas, dressed simply in a mint vinaigrette. I am very proud to serve this dish and am always excited to see the changes through the seasons.

What makes the team in the kitchen great?

Their dedication. I can honestly say my colleagues in our kitchen are first class and the best team I have ever worked with.

What are your favourite memories at The Wild Rabbit?

My first Christmas….it was a whirlwind!

Norbet – Sommelier

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With many years’ experience in the hotel industry, working for some of the country’s finest restaurants, Norbert has worked from his first role as a waiter to various managerial positions before joining The Wild Rabbit team in 2018.

24 hours at The Wild Rabbit with our Sommelier

Every day is different, however my day on weekdays usually starts at around 9.30am, managing our wine deliveries and storing them in our wine cellar.

I then spend time in the office, responding to emails and ensuring that the wine list is up to date and ready for our lunch service.

After this I set up my working station in the restaurant and check the bar to make sure we are fully stocked with everything we might need for the day ahead.

At 11am I attend our Managers’ morning meeting before our Restaurant Team Briefing at 11.30am. This takes place in the Private Dining Room and we discuss all of the important information regarding lunch service. I also brief the team on the wines best suited for the day’s menu.

After the meeting I double check the restaurant to make sure we are ready for opening and the arrival of our guests.

As our guests start to arrive in the dining room I am responsible for everything that is related to beverages. I spend time with them advising on wines that will perfectly complement their chosen dish.

After lunch, I meet with suppliers and hold wine tastings, and by 6pm we are in full swing getting ready for dinner service.

After dinner, I place orders to replenish our wine and beverage supplies and catch up on emails.

Depending on the evening, I usually finish my shift around 11.30pm to midnight.