Graduate Story - Personal Training

Personal Training Graduate Story

Many of us want to change our careers but such a huge step can be scary. One person who took the leap and wanted to share her story was Sarah Jordan.

Sarah had always been passionate about fitness, training and living a healthy lifestyle, though found herself pursuing a career in nursing and care. She worked in the healthcare sector for seven years, and to begin with, she loved it, but after a while the appeal wore off, and she felt her career going stale – Sarah knew at that point that’s she was ready to follow her love for health and fitness; she dreamt of a fresh start doing something she was passionate about. 

Choosing the Training Room

After some solid research online, Sarah found The Training Room, and booked a call with one of our assessors. Steve called her to discuss her plans and career aspirations and knew immediately that personal training was the right path for her!
Sarah explained that she was still working nights within the care industry so Steve helped her find the perfect course that could be completed in her spare time meaning she could gain qualifications quickly and continue to earn throughout her studies.


Knowing that she could become a qualified Personal Trainer so quickly was a driving force in Sarah’s attitude towards her studies. This motivation led Sarah to not only successfully complete her level 3 Personal Training Diploma but also her Level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification.
Strength and Conditioning had always been a side to personal training that Sarah was eager to pursue, it is the method she used to train personally, so was keen to offer the same level of training she was accustomed to, to her own clients!

Sarah - Personal Training Graduate

Sarah’s Career Now

The Training Room were able to help Sarah graduate with her Level 3 and Level 4 Diplomas and within a week had helped her find her first job in the fitness industry; a self-employed Personal Trainer at PureGym! At first, she was running 15 hours of classes a week for PureGym and used the rest of her time to build up a consistent and robust client base. After a year with PureGym her client base was so extensive she was able to stop running classes and focus her entire working day on 1-2-1 personal training sessions.

Sarah loved her time with PureGym but was ready for a new challenge as she continued to build her experience in the world of fitness, it wasn’t long before she was offered a role as a personal trainer with Performax Fitness; a small independent gym. Inspired by her new workplace, Sarah set her sights even higher and in no time at all went from graduate to gym owner and hasn’t looked back!
From Graduate to Business Owner.

Red Strength

Opening your own gym is no small feat, and to say we’re impressed and incredibly proud would be an understatement! Sarah was just as passionate about launching her own gym as she was about becoming a Personal Trainer. Sarah knew this was a big step, but with her eyes fixed firmly on her dream she started looking for a space to renovate and open her own gym. Finding the perfect site and location took time, however Sarah persevered and eventually finally found a space she fell in love with within a retail park. There were no other gyms nearby though the retail  park had a lot of other businesses providing her with a relatively untapped source of potential clients and seemingly the perfect place to launch her new gym!

Red Strength

Sarah now owns a gym called Red Strength, where she was joined by a large number of her existing client base and has since attracted new clients from the retail park and surrounding areas. At Red Strength, they pride themselves on giving you the best experience in a state-of-the-art environment. Sarah’s clients receive a bespoke training and nutrition schedule that is tailored to suit the individual requirements of each client. At Red Strength, they want to help you become the best version of yourself.

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