A Day In The Life Of A Personal Trainer

A Day in the life of a Personal Trainer

You’re passionate about health and fitness, love working with people and think personal training could be your dream job. In this article we’ve pulled together what we think you need to understand about what life is like as a personal trainer (PT).  In this blog, we’ll walk you through a typical day, written from a personal trainer’s perspective, so you feel well-informed about whether or not it’s the right career for you.

One for the early birds

Are you the sort of person who loves to get up at the crack of dawn? If the answer’s yes, you’ve already ticked the first box of what it takes to be a personal trainer. Early starts are often part of the job. 

“My day starts at 5.30am, which can be pretty normal if I have clients booked in. I eat a nutritious breakfast and a cup of my favourite coffee, to give me the energy I need to make it through the morning and perform at my best."

Catching those commuter clients

Well nourished, I head over to the gym where I work. It’s less than a mile from my house.  Occasionally I will run there - nothing beats a bit of fresh air in the morning to wake yourself up and boost the mood!

I arrive for 6am just in time for my first client of the day. It’s John, a commuter, who needs to rush off immediately after the session to catch a train, so I need to run this session as effectively as possible to ensure he receives the best possible workout. These early slots are usually booked by busy working people trying to fit their training around their working hours, so you’ll meet lots of Johns!

Throughout the morning, I have a steady stream of clients in hourly slots at 7am, 8am and 9am. These are more early risers, or people trying to squeeze their workouts around other commitments, who are determined to start the day in a healthy way! 



Having put four clients through their paces (all before some people have woken up), I try to take a short break. After the morning school run, the gym always starts to get busy, as many of our members are mums or dads who can’t exercise until they’ve taken care of their children. It’s important to re-fuel at this point, before the morning hits full throttle!  So, a quick protein shake will do the trick and then off to the next appointment. 

Gotta love the morning madness!

From mid-morning until lunchtime, the gym is a hive of activity, with members everywhere! Classes are full, and the gym floor activities are incredibly popular. The buzz is amazing! I work back-to-back between teaching classes (my speciality’s spin) and one-on-one personal trainer clients, until around 1.30pm when the gym begins to quieten back down again.

This is the time I get to focus on me. I have an hour where I can focus on my own training. As a personal trainer it’s important you make time to train yourself.  You have to inspire and motivate others so it’s important you set time aside for yourself. 



Living so close, I nip home, let out the dog, take a shower, grab a bite to eat, and sit down to work on clients’ programmes and emails.

I love what I do, and I’m always keen to improve, so I also use this client-free time to research new fitness trends, ideas and training methods, and to swat up on new teaching techniques. I’ve also seen a great course on The Training Room’s website, so I book that too.

Let the evening commence!

At 4pm, I head back to the gym for more PT clients; this time opting to cycle. Occasionally, I may teach a class or two around this time, but today these slots are dedicated to personal training only. I have three clients booked in for the evening, with a whole range of fitness goals, including a top golfing prospect looking to build up his muscular endurance for when he’s out on the course (very exciting!)

My day finishes at 7.30pm, and although I’m tired, I’ve got to work with some great people, and it’s been a really enjoyable day!

Time to reflect and re-load

Once I’m home, I take time to recap on everything that’s happened that day, thinking about what I did well and what I could improve moving forward. I then do a final check of client emails and prepare for the next day, before hitting the pillow and getting some well-earned rest; ready to do it all again tomorrow.”

As a PT you might work long hours but you also have the flexibility to cut your days short if you wish.   Becoming a personal trainer is a fulfilling career where you get feel an enormous amount of pride and satisfaction by helping people to enjoy exercise, work it into their lives, and fulfil their targets and aspirations. 

If you this sounds like the career for you, why not take a look at our latest personal training courses.