Our people

While we take every detail of design and guest experience seriously, we do not take ourselves too seriously. ‘Standard People’ are at the heart of our brand; vivid, dynamic and engaging who through their vibrancy and energy bring our properties to life creating a unique microcosm from the context of our venues and city they represent.

Our logo is upside down for a reason. We are the hosts to a fantasy world that is anything but standard. We question convention in all its forms and never accept “because that’s the way it has always been done” as an answer.

We actively seek out employees from all walks of life as we believe this enhances the richness of the personality of our brand. We believe that people from different backgrounds bring fresh ideas, ways of thinking and approaches which make the way work is undertaken more effective and efficient. ‘All are welcome at The Standard’ and if you are ready to turn convention on its head at every possible opportunity; then so are you.

the standard hotel our people