About us

We embrace, we create, we innovate; The Standard never stands still. Be part of our unconventional, bold, irreverent, evolved and personal takeover of London. The Standard London, our first international property will create a unique symbiosis of City and brand where our people are hosts to a world that is uniquely London, yet anything but standard….

Founded by André Balazs in 1998, The Standard's irreverent and playful sensibility, combined with a careful consideration of design, detail and service, have established its reputation as a pioneer of hospitality, travel, dining, nightlife, and beyond. Located in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, The Standard hotels are known for their taste-making clientele, their pioneering design, and their unrelenting un-Standard-ness. From prodigious opulence at The Top of The Standard to rock 'n roll chic in Hollywood, you never quite know what to expect, save for a beautiful setting, a fresh twist on Modernist design, and a smashing good time.

Opening in 2019, The Standard, London will boldly propel The Standard brand onto the international stage. Situated on Euston Road across from St Pancras Station, the hotel will become a new cultural crossroads for London and a gateway to Europe.

Housed in the historic Camden Town Annex, The Standard, London seeks to celebrate the history and architecture of the building and neighbourhood while connecting it to its future anchoring the continued revival of King’s Cross. The Standard joins companies including Google, LVMH and UMG who have chosen to make King’s Cross their home and will bring a new pulse to the heart of Europe’s favourite City...  

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