About Gladwin Brothers Enterprises

“The three of us were brought up on a vineyard and farm in an idyllic place in West Sussex.  Our childhoods were intimately entwined with the seasons, from digging in the veg patch in spring to the ripening of fruits in the summer, to harvesting in the autumn and winemaking and bottling in the winter.  When school was over, Gregory, the youngest brother, chose farming; Oliver, the ‘middles’, became a chef; and Richard, the eldest, went into the hospitality business” 

Gladwin Brothers Enterprises currently trades three sites in London. The company was established in 2012 with a vision to create sustainable neighbourhood dining establishments in London where local & wild produce from Sussex farms are served with flair and excitement in atmospheric dining rooms.

The Shed opened in October 2012 and was instantly a hit in the restaurant scene.

With well-known critics and reviewers taking to our relaxed and fresh-faced approach, we began to build up a great reputation across London. The locals were instantly won over by our casual, unpretentious and simple yet passionate approach to running the restaurant.

The family business was officially established through hard work and passion.

Keeping sustainability in mind, the brothers built the interior themselves from a collection of salvaged and reclaimed bits and pieces.  Out of that elbow grease came about tables made from old barrels that originally transported orange juice from Brazil to England, a bar made from the turned up bonnet of an old tractor and carrying on the tractor theme: old headlights for our ceilings and seats for our bums!

Overall, the feel of the restaurant when you walk through the door is ‘relaxed and rustic’ – the aim to create an environment for guests to get stuck in, enjoy really good food and wine and of course really good company.         

Since opening, The Shed has been runner up at the Sustainable Restaurant Awards in both 2014 & 2016. The restaurant continues to be one of the most sustainable in London with particular focus on a company-wide no wastage policy, attention to staff morale and keeping the local community at the heart of sourcing and daily operation.

Two years after launching The Shed, Rabbit was launched on the King’s Road, SW3.

Having mastered sourcing from single farms, butchery and meat movement, we moved into vegetables and growing as part of Rabbit’s big focus on wild food. Rabbit serves some of the finest game and wild plants in the country and is one of the only restaurants to focus entirely on this. The local community instantly enjoyed the new addition to the area and since opening guests from all over London and further afield have travelled to try its exclusive offering.

2016 brought another great site to Battersea in Ransomes Dock. Nutbourne takes its name from our family farm and vineyard in West Sussex, well known for its award-winning English wine. Nutbourne is aimed at the local community and a place where customers can enjoy all the spoils of the English countryside without stepping foot out of Battersea. Here our small plate concept has been replaced with a more conventional menu format of starters, mains and desserts. It follows the same food philosophy while demonstrating that we are capable of transitioning and can deliver a new style of food using our existing values. Battersea is undergoing considerable regeneration and therefore to appeal to the local community is more important than ever. We want Nutbourne to be at the forefront of this regeneration.