Why work for us?

We want our guests to feel comfortable every minute of their time with us, and the same goes for our teams. From sous chef to bartender, from waiting staff to operations manager, The Ivy Asia isn’t somewhere you work, it’s a place you belong.

To perform at the top of your game day in, day out, takes confidence, a belief in your ability and faith in your team. Our unrivalled training delivers all this, in abundance. Managers and front of house staff alike go through our academy where, with the help of our trainer’s expertise, they learn everything they need to know. As soon as they set foot on the restaurant floor, they’re prepared – ready to do things the way they should be done.

Similarly, new chefs get the best training possible – on-site and from the best in the business as soon as they step into the kitchen. Our seasoned chefs are there to share their knowledge and pass on their passion with enthusiasm, giving support and guidance every step of the way.