Great Hospitality; The Hotel Folk Way………..

We’re called The Hotel Folk for two reasons. First, we’re the experts in providing great service. And second, we’re a community of folk obsessed with looking after our guests. Put the two together and you have the thing that makes us truly special: our blow-your-socks-off hospitality experience.
We’re dedicated to the details so everything we do for our guests no matter how small has to make a positive difference. And the one thing that makes our brand of difference truly different is YOU; it’s your personality that makes our kind of memorable experiences something our guests will struggle to find elsewhere. 

In return for your enthusiasm and dedication, we’ll train, develop and support you to be the best you can be. This will be great for your career, great for our business and great for our guests. Everyone wins!

And talking of guests, what do ours look like?

The truth is, they don’t all want the same things. However, what they do have in common is a love for our particular brand of TLC. Where everything – and we mean everything – is thought through, anticipated, or taken care of – often without them even knowing. 

Time is precious. So, in is this fast paced world everyone needs a few nights away to relax, recharge, enjoy and reboot. Our job is to make sure that happens, so they leave feeling refreshed, raring to go, and raving about us.

Some might say we’ve made a rod for our own back, but it’s a rod we’re happy to carry. And carrying this little pocketbook will remind you of the kinds of things that make all the difference.

What makes us tick? Simple: our commitment to these five things

1 - Extraordinary service

We’re consistent, time and again. We look after guests by giving them extraordinarily good service. For you that means committing to the cause and bringing your best self to work each day.

2 - Dedicated to the details

Paying attention to the smallest details is always worth it. These smaller things, these finer points added together, are the difference between “okay” service and a blow-your-socks-off hospitality experience.

3 - Make it happen

We anticipate what our guests might want or need before they do. We put ourselves in their shoes, constantly asking, “If I was them, what would I like, want or need?”. Then we make it happen.

4 - Unity in community

We’re each part of two communities; our own, where we support our fellow Folk to be the best they can be and the local community each hotel is part of. Let’s do right by both, and get stuck in where we can. 

5 - The hospitality experts  

Between us, we have so much know-how, experience and expertise but we’re always learning. Let’s make sure we harness it, share it, and show our guests what our unique brand of blow-your-socks-off hospitality looks like.