Our philosophy

If you are serious about studying to become a Personal Trainer and you are looking for the best  Personal Trainer Qualifications, Fitness Courses and Fitness Instructor Training then look no further.​

Our Personal Trainer Training and Fitness Courses teach how to build a career rather than just how to pass an exam.

The Gym Academy knows better than anyone what is required to be successful as a professional Trainer as we are the only training provider with experience in recruiting and managing Personal Trainers after they graduate.

Needing a higher standard of graduate, our partners tasked us with providing Personal Trainer Courses and Personal Trainer qualifications  that give their PT recruits  the required support and business training.

Our partners also recognised that newly qualified Trainers will be competing for clients against experienced PT’s and lack the fitness plans and programmes that these experienced Trainers offer. That is why The Gym Academy also provides detailed 12-week fitness plans, programmes and Group Training workouts that new graduates will need when pitching for new clients.

So if you want to Become a Personal Trainer and you are looking for Personal Training Courses that include a full career package rather than just a qualification then The Gym Academy is your only choice.