Market House

The City Pub market house

The Market House has arrived! The historical Lloyds bank has been restored and transformed into an emporium of hospitality and delights like no other.

Picture a busy marketplace, buzzing with energy, the scent of an ever-evolving street market food filling the air paired with an endless offering of beverages. Love Gin & cocktails? We’ve built a bar just for you! Can’t get enough of craft beer? You’ll love our huge keg & cask range as well as our selection of bottles & cans.

The Market floor has not 1 or 2 but 3 kitchens, did someone say pizza?

There are 24 boutique bedrooms each individually styled to impress. To quite literally top it off we’ve also got Readings ONLY roof terrace. This beautifully styled outdoor quarter can be exclusively hired for parties or events. We look forward to seeing you at The Market House.