A little bit about us!

The Lipscombe family's love affair with fish & chips began way back in the early 1920s when Harold Lipscombe a miner, and his wife painstakingly saved all the money he earned from playing cricket for Accrington – a highly regarded team – from the money supporters would generously give to the team and players who played particularly well. Fortunately Harold was a particularly good cricket player and they were able to save enough money to move to Romford and buy their first ever fish and chip shop in early 1923.

Son John then took the business over in 1952 and then his son Hugh in 1971. Hugh saw an opportunity to grow the business and expand to new locations. Now with 4 brands and 38 store locations, from Bar Hill down to Brighton, Hugh and son James passionately explore ways to deliver even better fish and chips to their customers, and cultivate a healthy obsession with cricket!

We think that the buying and eating of fish and chips should be a family affair which is why we’ve put so much effort into creating a modern, family friendly environment you’ll be happy to take the kids to. By bringing together our 90 years of experience with the best raw ingredients, sustainable processes, time tested preparation and well trained passionate staff, we aim to provide our customers with the absolute tastiest of dishes every time they visit!

Over the years we have continued to innovate and develop the service offering for our wonderful customers. From sit down restaurant experiences, to takeaway, to home delivery, we always strive to deliver a fabulous customer experience that works for all. 

We are always on the lookout for fantastic candidates to join our fish & chip family, so please get in touch today!