Working at The Berkeley

A career with us will put you side by side with people who amaze our guests with individual experiences and aim for perfection in everything they do.

At The Berkeley we look for people who share our spirit and our values:

Friendship - At The Berkeley we genuinely care about how people feel. We do this for every guest, and for each other.

Initiative & Excellence - At The Berkeley we always look for opportunities to make things better.

Freedom - At The Berkeley we want people who have the drive and the willingness to create.

Relevance - At The Berkeley we are looking for people who are able to tune in to our guests before they arrive, and tune into their behaviour and needs when they are here. Encourage relevance is the best way to anticipate our guests' needs.

Synergy - At The Berkeley we are looking for people who are able to work as a team.

At The Berkeley, we like to do things differently. We like to excel every guests' needs. Our team will go above and beyond to make sure every moment of our guests' stay, outshine their expectations.

To appreciate the difference personalised service makes, every member of The Berkeley team has stayed at least one night at the hotel. This will help us to understand what it takes for people to feel at their best at The Berkeley, and they will always want to return.