Fridays Family Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to support our Fridays family members so that they can be all they want to be. This can involve supporting or contributing to local community services and projects or the development of skills to further promote and benefit our Fridays family or our shared ethics.

TGI Friday's foundation

We've helped in all sorts of ways from crazy stunts like the Rickshaw Run in India to fantastic day to day things which impact local communities such as supporting a dance school, junior football team etc.

Criteria & Eligibility

Our criteria is that recipients either:

  • Develop their own skills in a way that mutually promotes the family ethics of TGI Fridays
  • Provide benefits to the community
  • Respond to an identified community need
  • Communicate and cooperate with other Fridays social responsibility projects, programmes or organisations pursuing similar or complimentary goals

There's up to £1,000 of funding per application available to help support any individual initiative, plus experitise from the Fridays team.