Why work for us?

It goes without saying that we offer a competitive salary, generous holiday leave and a company pension scheme but we also reward team members by increasing their pay when they have completed the core training.

Team members have the chance to share in site success with our customer satisfaction incentive and for managers we have a fantastic bonus scheme linked to site performance. But there's even more! If all that wasn't enough just some of the other great benefits that we offer every single one of our employees include:

Tenpint image 1

We all love treating ourselves and occasionally others! With Tenpin Treats you can save money on all your normal shopping purchases which gives you even more money in your pocket to spend on what you like. What you get...

  • Discounts on high street shopping and your weekly grocery shop
  • Savings on phones, utilities, holidays, cinema visits
  • Gym discounts
  • Cash back offers
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • ... and much more. Tenpin Treats has everything to make you smile all in one place.

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Health and wellbeing is important to us all and at Tenpin, we pride ourselves by showing we care for our staff. Tenpin offers a helping hand by contributing to dental, eye care and general health care costs for every member of the team.

Need a new pair of glasses, or perhaps some dental work? How about a spot of Reflexology to help you unwind? Medicash is there for you.

What an excellent way to show staff that Tenpin believe in the value of a healthy, happy workforce!


Are you ambitious? Do you see yourself moving on up in the future? Have you set objectives to achieve your goals?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, then Tenpin is the perfect place for you. Whether you start as a Customer Service Assistant, or a General Manager, Tenpin is always on the lookout for outstanding performance in staff and we reward you accordingly. Not only do we pay you for training, if you have the ambition to succeed, Tenpin offers all the help, guidance and support you need in a step by step way to help you accomplish your goals.

Do you know of another company who offers you all of this? If you do, let us know! Tenpin are always improving what we offer our customers and our staff alike. That's just the Tenpin way.