Career journey at Tenpin

Tenpin prides itself on promoting its own, driven by our CEO's own journey from emptying bins to site management to being the big boss; his ethos is 'never stop learning'.

Whether you join as a Cleaner or a Regional Manager, we have a wide variety of development and progression plans to suit you. We work to embrace you as an individual and bring out your personality, passion, and flare for the very best customer journey.

Whatever your aspiration, we have a plan to help you take those next steps. 

We have structured training programmes and Personal Development Plans to get you to the next level:


Once you have had your initial training it doesn't stop there, you will be allocated a 'Pin Pal' and that's when your development really gets going with a bespoke development plan written to be practical with on-the-job experience being the key to your progression. 

Other exciting programmes include:

  • Training champion - be an onboarding & induction superstar
  • Leadership - The step up aimed at giving our US's & DM's the tools they need to succeed 
  • Pin Pal - Mentoring programme
  • Personal progression pathway
  • Professional coaching and mentoring - At every level of Management
  • First chance at all internal vacancies including support centre and regional roles