About us

STONE training is designed to fully understand the current state of our client’s health & fitness. Our first objective is making sure we listen to, explore & understand our clients needs, targets & ambitions, there after putting together a plan of action to address & assess these on their individual journey alongside us.

Our second objective is to educate, teach & recommend changes that our clients may not have considered initially, or may not have the awareness & knowledge of. We want to allow clients to get back in touch with their own bodies, learn about their foundations & become aware of issues that could occur later in life. These could be postural, gait or movement issues which need to be addressed, educationally understood & practiced by our clients to get the most out of their training & their bodies.

Our approach is key to our coaching & gaining results with our clients. We don't just want to train our clientele, and therefore we put a big emphasis on educating our clients in every session they have, helping us to deliver long-lasting & sustainable results. Our clubs are viewed as a community built around honesty, supportiveness & care helping us to be a critical friend to our clients on their journey, as well as being there to encourage, push & motivate them, which allows for that self-accountability & therefore will get the most out of our time together.

We view having a personal trainer as so much more than the sessions a client has each week. We assess, review & recommend on all factors involved within a client's lifestyle. This could be time management, sleep, stress, activity levels, nutrition & physiotherapy. As a team we are passionate & enthusiastic about committing to inspire positive lifestyle changes across the capital, aiming to be the leaders of innovation within the industry.

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