Tajness is the soul of our culture. It is an implicit trust in people to forge invaluable relationships by creating an emotional connect with our various stakeholders. It subtly guides all our behaviours. Tajness is the way we do what we do. 


  • Fairness with all stakeholders
  • Openess and transparency in what we do
  • Free flow of information
  • Alignment of all stakeholders
  • Build and strengthen long-term relationships


  • Enhance awareness around our plans, strategies, tactics, processes
  • Work together to create greater enterprise value
  • Participative in our decision making
  • Imbibe a sense of belonging across all stakeholders


  • Derive joy and happiness from what we do and how we do it
  • Serve all stakeholders with joy and utmost dedication
  • Create and maintain an environment where there is joy and happiness, where people are respected and diversity is celebrated
  • Share our success with all stakeholders