How does it work?

Our Children’s Activity Professional opportunity is quite different to an employed coaching job and it’s not a franchise either. Here’s ten facts you should understand before applying:

1. You are self-employed and your own boss. This is not an employed job.

2. There is no franchise fee. The only set up cost is your starter pack including all your uniform, business cards etc (less than £150).

3. There is no long-term contract tying you in. Just a maximum of two months notice to complete all your courses.

4. You are therefore able to earn three or four times more per hour than you would expect in an employed role.

5. There are no set hours and your work pattern is entirely flexible.

6. We provide full training and mentoring, however you will set up your own courses, that is not done for you…but hey, you reap the rewards in how much you earn as a result!

7. We provide the best online booking system and software available.

8. You pay us a monthly fee (starting at just £10!) to trade using our brand and products (including premium partnerships such as Angry Birds and Danger Mouse).

9. You must be present for all activities delivered under your name.

10. All teaching resources, marketing materials, certificates, policies etc are provided for you.