About us

Sports Generation has been created to provide high quality swimming coaching and development. The basic principle behind our coaching philosophy is to build confidence and develop skills in order to maximize potential and build a greater understanding of the specific sport itself.

At Sports Generation we recognise that one of the major challenges for parents is encouraging their children to participate in sport. We are experienced in improving confidence levels, which in turn improves skills base and fitness, all factors which we believe are crucial in motivating children to continue to take part in, and to actively enjoy, their chosen sport.

What our teachers say…..

“I worked for Sports Generation in a variety of roles, as a swim teacher, coordinator and program manager. I thoroughly enjoyed working at different levels within the organization which gave me a holistic view of how the company operated. I met so many fantastic coaches and learnt an immense amount from observing their lessons as a manager and working alongside them as a coach. The office team and environment were great to be a part of and I learnt so much about managing people, customer service, marketing and finance; skills I will take with me wherever I go. I continue to work with Sports Generation as a coach and it is great to see the company go from strength to strength. I hope that I can continue to help with their goal of providing quality and enjoyable swimming lessons for children.” SAM YATES , SWIMMING COACH