Revolutionising Recruitment

We constantly challenge how and why things are done and ask ourselves how we can make our Clients and Candidates’ lives’ easier, streamline processes and improve efficiencies during the recruitment process? We found our most recent innovation in technology, in the form of our bespoke interview software. Since release our innovative and mobile friendly interview software has revolutionised how our Clients and Candidates participate in the application process and interface with each other. 


For the Therapist…

  • An easy to use booking App that will use push notifications to you immediately without delay, 24/7 365
  • An accurate, real time ‘My Jobs’ summary of your upcoming shifts, reducing the risk of accidentally double booking yourself or forgetting where you are have booked yourself in
  • Calendar view of all of your shifts for the week/month and the ability to add your holidays/availability on to the system for you and our Clients to see
  • Message section so you can communicate with our team direct via the App before or after each shift
  • No more paper timesheets for you to print off and take in with you, it’s all done on the APP


What our Therapists Think…

“During these tough times, we all need simplicity and stability, Spa Elite has been the company to provide this. Ease of stress and control of your working schedule, the App that Spa Elite offers is user friendly and efficient. Enabling you to accept days you want to work, chat with Spa Elite personel when needed. The App makes your life easier, I can truly say Spa Elite have made my life stress free and enjoyable”


Welcome to the world of Spa Elite, a better, smarter way to recruit!


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