About us

During December 2004, Strategic Leisure Limited were appointed to develop South Ribble Community Leisure and independently recruit and appoint Trustees to the Board, the process was developed throughout January 2005, with interviews taking place on 8th February 2005.

The Board Members appointed following interview were as follows:

  1. Peter Meloy
  2. Derek Harrison
  3. Karl Lucas
  4. Peter Dodd
  5. William Fairman
  6. John Gibson

The inaugural meeting of South Ribble Community Leisure (SRCL) took place on 15th February 2005, at the meeting the Board took the decision to appoint Eversheds LLP as Legal Representatives to
SRCL. Strategic Leisure and Eversheds LLP gave an overview of ‘What is required of a Trustee’ and DRAFT Memorandum and Articles were discussed. A further meeting took place on 15th March 2005 to agree and finalise Memorandum and Articles of Association, review Contractual Documentation, establish voting rights and Council Representation. It was resolved that one member of the Council would be invited to sit on the Board as per the ‘Articles of Association’, Cllr. Howard Gore was appointed to the Board.

Eversheds LLP on behalf of SRCL produced final documentation and subsequently South Ribble Community Leisure were incorporated on 17th March 2005 (Company no: 05396330).

Between 15th March and 31st May 2005, numerous meeting, conference calls took place between SRCL, Eversheds, representatives of South Ribble Borough Council and legal representatives of the preferred ‘Managing Agent’ to finalise contract documentation surrounding the establishment of the South Ribble Leisure Partnership.

The Partnership commenced on 1st June 2005, SRCL were granted a ‘Licence’ to occupy the following South Ribble Borough Council owned facilities:

  • Leyland Leisure Centre
  • Bamber Bridge Leisure Centre
  • Penwortham Leisure Centre
  • South Ribble Tennis and Fitness Centre
  • Penwortham Holme Recreation Centre

Licences to occupy facilities were agreed as an interim to Leases being agreed and signed at a later date.

South Ribble Community Leisure formally appointed their ‘Managing Agent’ on 31st May 2005, to manage the above mentioned facilities on behalf of SRCL. Various contracts were signed and exchanged detailing the services to be provided.

Funding Opportunities

Since June 2005, SRCL have secured additional funding from external sources to improve facilities and activities in their control;

  • Sports-match Funding: South Ribble Tennis and Fitness Centre
  • Sport England / England Squash
  • Blackburn with Darwen Primary Care Trust
  • Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust
  • School Sports Partnership Funding
  • Aiming High for Disabled Children

Working with Other Agencies

SRCL continue to maintain their independence and have established themselves as a key organisation in the South Ribble Community to deliver sporting and leisure opportunities for all. SRCL are currently working with the following agencies/organisations:

  • Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust
    o Activity for Life Scheme
    o GP Referral Scheme
    o Mind, Exercise, Nutrition….Do it (MEND)
  • Blackburn with Darwen Primary Care Trust
    o Condition Management Programme
  • School Sports Partnerships
  • South Ribble Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • England Squash
  • Multi Agency Tasking and Coordinating (MATAC)
  • Sport and Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA)

Established Programmes

Community Fitness Room
SRCL, following the securing of funding from the School Sports Partnership, redeveloped a fitness room at Leyland Leisure Centre which is now utilised by a number of organisations, with programmes in place to support the work of SRCL; programmes which are in place are as follows:

  • MEND Weight Management Programme
  • CAMHS ‘Free Spirits’ Programme – to aid the development of confidence within young people through the effective use of physical activity programmes.
  • Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust
    o Return to Work Program
    o GP Referrals
    o Condition Management Programme (in collaboration with DWP)
    o Smoking Cessation Programme
    o Healthy Lifestyles Programme
  • Local Primary and Secondary Schools also utilise this facility during normal school hours, with bespoke programmes design to accommodate their specific needs.

Squash Development Programme

Following the successful redevelopment of the Squash Courts at Leyland, a further successful partnership has been established with England Squash, which has resulted in the establishment of a Junior Squash Club (Chartered) and securing the long term commitment of an England Squash Coach (ESC) to further develop the sport at Leyland and in the wider community. SRCL in collaboration with ESC have developed specific programmes with the sole purpose of developing the sport and access for all, with particular emphasis on young people and encouraging women back into sport. The squash development programme is currently being rolled out to Penwortham Leisure Centre.

Community Clubs and Sporting Activities

SRCL have been instrumental in developing the facilities to accommodate community clubs, a number of community clubs have been established utilising the existing facilities these include
Squash Clubs, Football Clubs and Rugby Clubs, one particular activity, Badminton, has seen the development of a Community Club at Leyland, whereby the whole aspect of the ‘Pay and Play’
Badminton sessions have taken a new focus. The parents of children engaged on existing programmes have worked with SRCL to establish ‘Leyland Junior Badminton Club’, this is now run independently of SRCL, although support is offered by way of facility hire etc. The introduction of this Community Club has allowed the development of a clear pathway for development and progression in this chosen sport.

Leisure Card

During 2006 South Ribble Community Leisure undertook a review of their inherent ‘Passport to Leisure’ scheme, the Board of SRCL expanded the scope of the scheme to accommodate additional
categories they felt would benefit from accessing leisure. The new ‘Leisure Card’ was launched towards the back end of 2006 and since then has received further refinements including giving far greater access to young people. On a number of occasions the Board has resisted proposals by the ‘Managing Agent’ to increase the admission charge. The Board themselves have clearly stated that those in need of the discounted ‘Leisure Card’ should not be disadvantaged by any such increase in the admission charge, and to date this charge remains at £1.50 per session as it did in June 2005. The revised leisure card has been used to actively target specific groups and has led to successful
introduction of new programmes; ‘Solid Gold’ aimed predominantly at the 50+ age group and the ‘Condition Management Programme’, to aid people getting back into work.

Proposed Future Programmes

SRCL are actively working with other agencies and organisations to further develop additional
activity programmes, including MATAC and NGB’s.

The Board are actively working with MATAC with a view to developing ‘Diversionary Activities’,initially at Leyland Leisure Centre with a view to rolling these out to other facilities and community
venues across the district. A member of the Board is firmly embedded on the Diversionary Activity Strategic Working Group, the Board are working independently on projects which will develop specific programmes aimed at young people.

The Board of SRCL are currently working with Leyland Warriors and the Rugby Football League, along with representatives of a local football club and the Football Association to redevelop an outdoor
facility on the outskirts of Preston. Initial funding towards this development has been successfully secured.

Working with the Community

SRCL continues to provide services which impact on the community, to this end the Board Members have established South Ribble Community Leisure as key partners to various groups and
organisations: The Board are formally recognised in the District and are independently represented on the following groups:

  • South Ribble Sport and Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA)
  • Lancashire Sporting Infrastructure Group
  • Multi Agency Tasking and Coordinating (MATAC)
  • Central Lancashire PCT – Childhood and Adult Obesity Pathways Group
  • Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)
  • South Ribble Cricket Development Group

In addition to being represented on the above groups, SRCL have redefined the ‘Strategic Objectives’of the organisation to focus on the following target groups:

• Young People - to ensure that young people have the opportunity to develop their skills in
their chosen activity, whilst contributing to their social skill base, which will form the basic
backbone for all future sports participation in South Ribble.

  • Women 16+ - to ensure that more women participate and recognise that sport and active
    leisure is a part of a healthy and constructive lifestyle.
  • People with low incomes - so they can afford to take part in sport and physical activities.
  • Older People and People with lifelong limiting illness - to ensure that they have the
    opportunity to remain healthy by being active.
  • People with Disabilities – to ensure that people with disabilities have the opportunity to
    take part in activities which will contribute to social inclusion and also benefit their health.

SRCL will continue to work with the community, to ensure that our Mission “to develop and maintain high quality community sport, leisure, physical activity, cultural and educational opportunities across the borough of South Ribble for all” is achieved in its entirety.

Neighbourhood Life

Neighbourhood Life is our approach to helping ‘more people, become more active, more often’.  The 3 key areas of Neighbourhood Life enable us to focus our services on improving health and wellbeing, establishing our centres as community hubs and providing opportunities to participate in a range of sports.

Health and Wellbeing
We help local neighbourhoods and communities to improve their wellbeing through access to programmes of support that help them become more active, more often and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We want our leisure centres to be community hubs, where you can participate in a range of physical and social activities. In addition to getting people more active to benefit their health, and teaching important life skills such as swimming, we also provide many other activities, such as helping older people to remain active and to socialise, activities for young people that they are interested in and providing opportunities for families to have fun together.

We want to increase the opportunities for people to participate in a range of different sports. We work in partnership with National Governing Bodies to deliver programmes that make sport more accessible and fun for beginners or returners. We also work with local clubs to identify and develop local talent.