Our Vision & Values

When AB Hotels looks ahead, we see a world of perfect contentment, which is our vision. To be as good as it is possible to be and to provide a state of happiness and satisfaction for our guests.

To achieve this we strive to spread kindness, one act at a time. Being friendly, generous and considerate, recognising it takes many moments of magic to provide the best experience for our guests. 

AB Hotels therefore believes in:

  • Performing with DRIVE - Our commitment to conscientiously pushing ourselves to always do better. 
  • Serving with SOUL - Showing genuine compassion and care for what we do and our guests needs.

Our Values are admirable but our actions say more:

  • DETAIL - Making the little moments matter most
  • COMFORT - Providing a warm, welcoming and homely environment
  • EMPATHY - Making special efforts to understand the feelings of our guests 

Collectively by living our values daily, we are building a truly different service culture.