Who are Serco Leisure?

Serco/Serco Leisure Operating Limited are appointed as Shropshire Community Leisure Trust’s Managing Agents.Serco manage the recruitment process on behalf of Shropshire Community Leisure Trust and manage their employees in the delivery of leisure services. Community Leisure Trust will be your ultimate employer.

Why Serco?

Meaningful and vital work: Our leisure centres are the beating hearts of our communities and without passion and caring team members, we can't operate. Our teams ensure that our customers can enjoy their activity in safety and when needed they save lives.

A world of opportunity: Our employees are integral to the running of our centres, so as well as progressing into senior positions, you can move in other directions to broaden your experience and apply your skills in new ways.

Great people: Our centres are close-knit and friendly, and we rely on each other for support. As well as the backing of the team, you'll also find all the resources you need for career progression through Serco Learning.