Peruvian cuisine - the ultimate fusion food

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Señor Ceviche is a Nikkei Peruvian restaurant and Pisco bar based in the heart of Soho, London. Find us on the first floor of Kingly Court, 7 days a week for lunch, brunch, dinner and cocktails.

Inspired by our travels around Peru, our menus showcase the diverse flavours and cooking techniques discovered on our journeys. With over 30 microclimates, Peru has a rich variety of homegrown ingredients. It’s no surprise that so many people have travelled to South America’s gastronomic hub, dating back over 500 years to when the Spanish arrived with European ingredients, to the more recent Japanese and Chinese, bringing with them Asian ingredients and cooking techniques, making Peruvian cuisine the ultimate fusion food. SC - About Us  [square]
SC - About Us [square] At the weekends, our Brunch Banquet encapsulates the epitome of Peruvian dining. Enjoy Para Picar & Ceviche to share, a BBQ dish of your choice and many more Peruvian delights – not to mention free-flowing peach Bellinis, Mimosas and red or white wine!

Inspired by Peru


So what is Nikkei cuisine? It’s the Peruvian style of cooking often billed as Japanese-Peruvian “fusion.” Nikkei refers to Japanese people living outside of Japan and the cuisine that results when you merge traditional Peruvian ingredients and Japanese cuisine. Think miso, ginger, soy, wasabi and rice vinegar weaved into Peruvian ingredients such as aji or yellow pepper, Andes potatoes and corn. This fusion of the two cuisine cultures didn’t happen overnight but took place progressively. Today, Nikkei cuisine is constantly evolving. The best way to understand it is by joining us at one of our tables and try a tasting menu which offers everything from starters, ceviche, bbq, sides and desserts.