Our Story

In 2011 Andy McGlynn, founded LSF-PT. A multi-site National company that went on to work with over 2000 personal trainers, helping them to build a business from the skills and knowledge they had acquired through their personal training qualifications.  The PT Group achieved the highest PT% penetration rates of any other like-for-like operation in the UK and Europe and had the lowest levels of PT’s lost (attrition rates).  This was in large part due to the support, information, training and knowledge that the Personal Trainers received.

On the back of a number of unqualified personal trainers wishing to work with LSF-PT, and the need to continually develop and progress internal trainers, LSF-PT Education was formed. Initially focused on additional qualifications once Level 3 qualified, LSF-PT Education went through a number of transitions before realising its true potential and tapping into the experience and knowledge of the people within.

We became very aware of the increasing gap in to the market for a high end training provider, combined with the experience, knowledge and skill sets required to create a long term and financially successful career for people that are serious about becoming the best they can be, thus transforming into Savant Squared. 

This same information and crucial content for any aspiring Personal Trainer now percolates through Savant Squared’s education programme, giving you the learner the absolute best start money can buy.