Our Values

royal automobile club heart

Working at the Royal Automobile Club, we are part of a proud history. Our values are the very essence of the organisation and define the culture of our Club.

Think of these values as the cogs that make the Club operate smoothly; just as an engine needs every cog to work, we need to live these values. Each cog is essential, a vital part of our system.

Heritage: Whatever our role at the Club, we all play our part in conserving its heritage. Passing on the Clubs history with real passion will help to preserve it for future generations.

Excellence: Excellence is not an achievement; it is something we strive for every day. Excellence is the courtesy of your undivided attention. Moment by moment, your commitment to excellence makes all the difference and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Accountability: We take ownership of our work, honouring our commitments and acting with professionalism. We are honest at all times, creating a culture of trust, working together to exceed members’ expectations.

Respect: Respect means showing consideration to our members and colleagues and working as a team player. It means listening to others, exercising tolerance and treating others with courtesy. 

Trust: Trust is hard earned but easily lost. Earning it requires us to act with integrity and do the right thing regardless of whether anyone will know we did it or not.