What to expect

Meet Roxanne:

From the team behind Dirty Bones, Roxanne is the world's first hip hop speakeasy with slick drinks, classic burgers and spot -on service. This is about the beat, the vibe and the good times.

Grab your crew, find the secret door and head into Roxanne's flagship site at One Club Row, Shoreditch. 

Bar Culture:

Roxanne shares the same passion for high quality drinks and cocktail culture as Dirty Bones. Top shelf spirits, hand-made botanicals and intriguing bitters are used to create a menu of twisted-classics and signature-serves that are accessible and sustainable, perfect for post-dinner sipping and pre-party living. 

Food Culture:

Food here is best served with a drink in hand. Roxanne serves a tight menu of burgers, fries and sliders to share with friends. Each burger is fresh from Dirty Bones' kitchen and served in branded greaseproof, under a cloche for added theatre. Classic, Cheese, Chilli or Vegan  - everyone loves a burger but it takes knowhow to create a menu of classic buns that stand up to any cocktail. 

Music Culture:

Music and specifically hip hop is central to the Roxanne experience. Celebrating the genres roots in soul and funk to the legendary Block Parties of 1908s' New York, where the scene evolved and grew. This is hip hop with a nostalgic twist. 

Vintage speaker cases conceal a state-of-the-art system, letting live acts and DJs shine - ensuring the music is the start, of the bar.