About Us

10 years ago we were dreaming of the perfect burger and what made her divine, and we were fantasising of sweet, smoky barbecue and how to achieve supreme flavour.

A whole lot of eating and grafting in other people’s kitchens later we decided that our mission was to create her, in all her glory for guests to be taken to that little piece of burger heaven in the sky.

The study of the burger started with the bread, the texture, the structure, the size, the strength and of course the taste! We baked bread for two and a half years before meeting our bun, but she was worth the wait.

The between took a little longer, but over half a decade we innovated and tweaked until our patties were perfect and our fillings were fantastic. Then of course there’s cheese you can’t forget that gorgeous stuff, finding the one that melts just so……

Finally we looked at her proportions, we believe every mouthful should be created equally awesome so every layer is the same size and spread, it’s only natural.

Now on to her sister, a lot of ‘research’ trips to America had introduced us to barbeque, the sweet, smoky aromas and soft tender meat was a huge distraction from our burger love, but boy was it worth it. Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New York, Boston, Carolina (North and South!) and Texas: we went, we saw, we learnt and we wanted to deliver that experience to our guests!

Back home in London we started to smoke (meats) and to develop our style from which wood we use to the creation of our gorgeous selection of sauces. Once our ribs were falling off the bone in a tender mess and our brisket was bangin’ we had the makings of a fantastic menu.

Our cooking methods are simple, smoke, steam, grill and whack it on a flat top. It’s not about fancy technique and flourishes it’s about bold flavour and delivering the best product out there to our guests!

A decade of development and the product was ready we just needed the showcase for it. We found a stunning site on Hoxton Square and set about creating a casual comfortable space for our guests to relax with a huge plate of deliciousness.

In 2011 we swung open our doors and introduced the people of Shoreditch our burger and BBQ, due to the big love in 2013 we decided to open Red Dog American Sandwiches around the corner to provide quick and tasty food and a quality take out to the friends of Red Dog. By 2014 the south side of London was calling and we opened a lovely spot in Clapham.

A decade and 260,000 burgers later (and counting!) the product is still guiding our every move as we strive to innovate our menu and find new homes to share our love with more folks.