A Little About Us

RATP Dev Transit London is one of the largest bus operators in London, running 1,250 buses and carrying some 250 million customers every year safely to their destinations.

We run 112 routes in and around the capital, mostly under contract to Transport for London (TfL), the capital’s transport authority. TfL has ‘ownership’ of all bus routes in London and awards them to bus operators through a competitive tendering process, usually for a term of seven years. We run our bus routes from 10 operational bases. Many of our bus routes are 24-hour operations and most run seven days a week.

As well as daily commuters, our diverse customer base includes shoppers, tourists, visitors to London and people travelling to hospital appointments. Our uniformed, knowledgeable drivers are trained to recognise the special travel requirements of all customers, and this can include wheelchair users, the partially sighted, the hard of hearing and visitors to the capital who do not speak English and are lost.

We are highly supportive of ‘green’ transport solutions and look for ways of reducing the impact our operations have on the environment. For example, by mid-2022 more than 25% of our entire fleet will be clean (fully electric), with six electric garages and 17 routes. No other bus operator in London has a greater percentage of emission-free vehicles.

In response to an increasingly competitive London bus market requiring greater investment and market adaptation, In December 2021 we announced that RATP Dev UK and Tower Transit would form a new joint venture. 

This new joint venture has seen two established players in the London bus market come together in West London as RATP Dev Transit London. Under the terms of the joint venture agreement, RATP Dev will operate as the majority partner.