Why Pro-Fit ?

This is what all Gym Teams Should be like...

World class education

All Pro-Fit trainers benefit from our ongoing education program. Steve and I, along with members of our leadership team have spent 15 years studying under world leaders in exercise, nutrition and coaching.

We have taken the best of these courses to put together our own education system.

Great systems and education means you get great results with clients. Great results leads to them being walking billboards advertising you and they tell all their friends about you.

All of which means you will get fuller, faster than anywhere else we know.

If you are passionate about learning then maybe Pro-Fit is the company for you.

Ongoing career progression

Most PT’s have no option to progress their career. Think about it...

...Once you get busy in a gym where do you go from there?

At Pro-Fit it’s different. We have 4 levels of career progression so you are constantly learning and growing.