The Pro-Fit levels

Level 4 Advanced PT

You will learn all of the Pro-Fit systems and process in exercise, nutrition and coaching.

You will learn how to build your business. You are you’re own boss but will the support and guidance needed to learn and grow as a PT.

Level 5 Master Trainer

At this level there is 12-24 months of technical in depth learning in Exercise, Nutrition and Coaching.

You will benefit from 15 years of experience and we guarantee that anyone who passes through this level are in the top 2% of PT’s in this country.

Level 6 Business Mastery

At this level our trainers really start to niche into specialist areas. At Pro-Fit we have the following specialist teams:

  • A Physio and Rehab team – you can become part of our rehabilition team that looks after Pro-Fit clients and trainers
  • A Mentor team – you can learn to mentor other PT’s on their Pro-Fit journey
  • An Education team – you can become part of our team that educates Pro-Fit trainers
  • An S&C team – you can train athletes and high-level Pro-Fit clients
  • A Nutrition team – you can help Pro-Fit clients and trainers in your role as a Nutrition Coach

You will also benefit from:

  • Learning how to present
  • Learning how to create products
  • One to one business coaching

Team Leader

The team leader role can cover 1 of 2 areas:

  1. You can mentor and manage other Pro-Fit PT’s
  2. You can run a niche area

A manager at this level who looks after 12 Pro-Fit trainers earns an extra £2000 per month on top of session fees and any other earnings. Our PT’s at this level also charge at least £50-£60 per hour for their PT sessions.

Our business model is designed so that:

  1. New PT’s get the support and guidance they need
  2. As PT’s progress there is no limit to how much they can earn and how far they can progress

And then there’s more...

You become part of a unique community

Pro-Fit PT’s train together, socialise together, help each and refer to each other.

Competition and backbiting is a major problem in our industry.

This doesn’t happen here because of how we work and how we recruit at Pro-Fit.

We also host regular events for both trainers and clients. These shared experiences bring everyone even closer together and means that everyone feels like they are part of our very big family.

You benefit from our High Level Partnerships

We only set up partnerships with gyms that:

  • Have the best equipment
  • Have space for PT’s to work
  • Have between 4000 and 10,000 members
  • The target for new members at most of our gyms is between 8 and 10 new members per day!
  • The average Pro-Fit PT benefits from at least 500 members to 1 PT.

You will get clients

As part of our commitment to you we will guarantee to pass on PT Leads.

We will also teach you the things that no PT course teaches:

  • How to approach people
  • How to form instant rapport
  • How to build long lasting relationship
  • How to get referrals
  • How to build a quality client base FAST

Mentor support

Every Pro-Fit trainer benefits from weekly mentoring from one of our senior team.

All mentors still work as PT’s high level PT’s, have been through the Pro-Fit system and are therefore in the perfect position to help you be successful in your PT career.

If you are as passionate as we are, you want to be the best and you have a burning desire to help people change their lives then click here to apply