Meet the Team

Matt Robinson

"Since joining Pro-Fit in 2011 I have managed to build a very solid client base of people I want to work with, take on extra responsibilities to further my career, such as mentoring and management roles, and I have been supported the whole way by a team of experts who want the best for everyone around them.

Career stuff aside, I have also developed myself a lot as a person and been able to get involved with events, activities and opportunities I simply wouldn't  have done or had available to me if I was doing this alone.

To me this isn't a job, it's a way of life that allows me to grow, learn and be part of an excellent team. I would recommend Pro-Fit to any PT, or aspiring PT, out there and look forward to meeting you when you do!"

Andy Rimmer

"Since joining Pro-Fit 5 years ago I have gone from a young, inexperienced trainer, new into the industry, to a much more confident trainer, looking to grow a business beyond just training people in the gym. 

I couldn't have done this without the on-going support, mentoring, education and belief shown in me by Graham, Steve and the other senior trainers at Pro-Fit. 

They have given me the skills I have needed to get clients in the gym, look after them and get them the results they needed to turn them into long-term clients and build a stable business. The on-going mentoring provides actions for you to apply immediately to further your business, as well as giving you support to keep going when things are more difficult. 

The monthly education modules give you different tools to apply to different clients to become a good all round PT and help to get clients amazing results and have a positive impact on their lives beyond what they would expect from personal training. 

Now that I have a settled business and have progressed through the pro-fit model and I am looking to produce different products, I now receive business mentoring specific to what I need to further my business. 

I would recommend Pro-Fit to anyone."

Paul Campey

"Having been gym and PT manager at Holmes Place and Virgin I was looking for a new challenge and came to see Graham and Steve about what they were doing at Pro-Fit. I was immediately struck by the passion and the vision they had for the company. In my first 6 months at Pro-Fit I learned more than in the previous 3 years at Virgin. I have hit every personal and financial goal that I have set and I am now a Level 4 mentor and trainer of PT's. I would recommend Pro-Fit without hesitation".

Rachel Flynn

"After finishing my degree in physiotherapy I went on to study personal training with Premier Training. My intention was to move to London to work in a sports injury and rehabilitation clinic. Towards the end of my course Graham and Steve came in to do a talk on how to succeed as a PT. I was immediately taken by the company values and opportunities. It was exactly what I had been looking for but didn't think existed in the PT industry. My whole future plan changed on that day. Within a month I was working at Pro-Fit's Wilmslow gym. I now PT to an extremely high level as well as running Pro-Fit Physiotherapy"

Pro fit team