Our People

Our four values are the special ingredients which make Prezzo a great place to work.

Genuine Service:

Hospitality, it's in our genes! It's knowing our customers' needs before they do, it's the pride in every dish that leaves the kitchen, it's creating smiles and memories that leave every customer wanting to return.

One Team:

Front of house, back of house, support centre, it doesn't matter. We're all in it together. We'll laugh together, we'll get through the tough shifts together. We're not about egos, we're one team, all working towards the same goal.

Be The Best You Can Be:

Who wouldn't want to be? It's not about getting everything right the first time. It's about wanting to learn. It's about grabbing every opportunity available. We'll treat every shift as a performance, we'll make sure every shift we give our best. 


Whether it's the community of our restaurants or the communities in the towns and cities we're part of - we have an important role to play. We'll create a buzz on the high street. We'll get involved in local events and support local projects. We'll think about the impact each of us makes - we'll reduce our waste and limit our environmental footprint. Ultimately we'll be proud to say we are Prezzo.