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In 1986, Pret opened the doors of its very first shop. A shop with a mission. A mission to create, handmade, natural food, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today. In the last 30 years, we’ve continued to grow cautiously. Today, we have over 400 Prets worldwide with shops in the UK, USA, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai. We serve more than 500,000 customers every day, all of them looking to enjoy our fresh natural menu.

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People at Pret work hard, have fun, wear jeans, learn a lot and really grow. Our people are responsible for delivering a fantastic customer experience day in, day out. We pay our hardworking staff as much as we can afford rather than how much we can get away with. Our people make all the difference, they are the secret to our success.

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We have a dedicated academy that ensures the right training, development and support of our wonderful people. Direct from The Pret Academy, we give each member of our team the skills and confidence they need to succeed, along with opportunities to develop into more challenging roles. This way, our teams have a healthy pool of successors (we call them plan Bs) waiting in the wings. Our amazing Pret Academy Team trained over 10,000 Pret people in 2015!

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