Study From Home

Amidst the disruption related to coronavirus (COVID-19), please be assured that Premier Global NASM is here and ready to help meet your needs.


Our course delivery will be unaffected throughout this period, irrespective of any updated guidance from PHE. Our expert tutors come to you through digital technology and virtual classrooms, and you can study from the comfort of your own home, or to that point, anywhere else where you have a wi-fi signal.

Our online virtual classrooms are a place where you can learn and interact with live tutors and peers, building community spirit and the fitness professionals of the future. Following the instruction from the U.K. Government to close health and fitness facilities, we have been working closely with our Awarding Organisation, ActiveIQ, to build an alternative assessment strategy which can be implemented throughout this COVID-19 period. We have successfully rolled this out, meaning learners can fully complete all assessments and gain their qualifications without interruption.


We are committed to providing the best possible products and services for our customers, while also ensuring our employees stay safe. Using NHS and U.K. Government guidance and best practices, we are working diligently to protect our teams by instituting travel restrictions and work from home arrangement. You can take confidence in knowing that this will not cause any disruption to our ability to serve our customers and deliver our courses. Thank you for appreciating our team members who are here to support you as safely and effectively as possible.


Every day, we draw inspiration from our students and fitness professionals who play a critical role in the health and wellbeing of our communities. We all joined the fitness community from a desire to make a difference. That is still possible, even amidst the current environment. Please feel free to share your stories of inspiration with our communities on-course or our social media channels as we can all learn from one another and aim to make a difference in these uncertain times. Let us work together to stay healthy and safe, and we encourage people to listen to the advice of the NHS, U.K. Government, ukactive and CIMSPA to safeguard themselves and their clients in these times.

Thank you for trusting Premier Global NASM with your educational needs. Please be safe and stay healthy.