Kansas City Barbecue




Barbecue in Kansas City is more than a menu item or a method of preparation. It is a culinary institution steeped in tradition that dates back to the early 1900s. For decades, visitors from all over the world have travelled to KC just to get a taste of its acclaimed smoky cuisine.

The KC barbecue craze can be traced back to Henry Perry, who in the early 1920s started selling slow-cooked meats out of an old trolley barn. He cooked all the classics such as beef and pork. He became a huge icon as a purveyor of meat in the area that his death certificate even listed him as the “barbecue man.”

Perry developed the style for which Kansas City is famous for – all types of meat cooked low and slow that is then topped off with a generous topping of barbecue sauce. Kansas Citians smoke a wide variety of meat from pork, beef and chicken to sausage turkey and even fish using this method. Low and slow means cooking the meat in a pit barrel or charcoal grill at low temperatures over several hours. The result is tender, juicy, fall off the bone meat that melts in your mouth.

There are certain elements to KC barbecue that make it well-loved.

A thick, sweet, molasses-based sauce is the hallmark of Kansas City barbecue. It has a slight tang from vinegar, a hint of sweetness from tomatoes and molasses and a kick of spice from red pepper and garlic. Here at Prairie Fire, we make all of our own sauces served in the restaurant and you can even buy them to have your own PFQ experience at home. 

The dry rub is another defining characteristic of authentic Kansas City barbecue. We also make our own in house that you can take home with you! We add a dusting of dry spices to our meats to complement the sauces.

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Prairie Fire founder and pit master Michael Gratz has brought the traditions and culinary history of Kansas City barbecue to London. Grab your napkins, you’re in for a real treat.

To learn more about KC barbecue, check out the video below: