About Us

At PlayFootball we offer our employees the opportunity and autonomy to make a difference to the growth and development of a rapidly expanding business in a competitive market. Our employees are given guidance, training and a career path as to how they can achieve their potential. Of our existing 17 branches within the estate 7 are currently being managed by former Assistant Managers which proves that we are firm believers in giving opportunities and growing careers.
Our General Managers are given full access to the site P & L and all members of staff are given the opportunity to earn on a commission per sale basis.

Employee Testimonials

‘I have been employed by PlayFootball since its inception in 2001 and have been promoted from General Manager, through to Regional Sales Manager and now work as the Pre Opening Sales Manager.

My role is to assist in site finding, to prepare the sales and marketing plans prior opening a new facility and then manage and action the daily sales efforts to ensure we achieve the opening sales targets.

On a daily basis my role involves direct sales to local and national events, B2B telesales and canvassing to local businesses to generate new leads.  
I continue to find my role both challenging and rewarding and it allows me to combine my passions for both sales and football whilst developing my career.
If you are looking for a new sales role in the football industry then PlayFootball is the answer.’
Ed Pearce
Group Pre Opening Sales Manager

‘I have been with the company now for over 10 years, I started off as Trainee Manager and over the years worked within all aspects of the business to finally be promoted to General Manager in 2006.  I have seen the site grow from a small local business to a successful Football Centre.  Playfootball have always supported me throughout my career and have enjoyed my time so far with a great Company’
Paul Stephens, General Manager, PlayFootball Preston