Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process looks like this:

planet organic

Store Positions

  • You submit your application to us online through our website, via an advert or in person at the store.
  • If you are shortlisted, we will call you for a phone interview.
  • If you are successful at this stage we will invite you to do a trial shift at one of our stores, which lasts for around 2-3 hours. This will give you a chance to see if you like working here.
  • After the trial shift you will complete a food test: it is important to us that you have an understanding of food and dietary requirements. You will then have an interview with a manager.
  • If the trial shift and initial interview have been successful, you will be invited in one last time to be interviewed by a member of the HR team and the Store Manager.
  • We will call you to give you the outcome: if you are successful, congratulations! We will make the job offer and if accepted, arrange your start date and prepare you for your first day.

Head Office Roles

The process will be similar although, depending on the role, you may not be required to do a food test or trial shift. However, there will be a staged interview process.

Your First Week

Welcome to Planet Organic!

You’ll attend an induction, most likely with other new starters, which will last for 2 days. You’ll get to know all about Planet Organic, our values and our products in detail. On your first day we’ll cover all the logistics: you’ll receive your contract of employment, employee handbook, uniform and discount card. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

On day 3 - 5, you’ll go to the store for training on operational aspects of your job and be introduced to the team. If you are a member of the management team, you’ll have a personalised induction plan. This might involve visiting, and training at, other stores as well as your own.

Your First 3 Months

You’ll be working through your training pack so that you feel really confident about our products and how to carry out your job successfully. At the 3 month point, you’ll have a probation review with your manager. If your probation is successful, your manager will discuss with you options for your further development.

Tips For Your Success During The Recruitment Process

  • Be on time: we want people who are organised and punctual. If you are just a few minutes late, it will be noticed.
  • Be well-groomed: grooming standards are important to us. If you take care of your personal presentation, it shows us that you share our standards.
  • Be confident, warm and friendly: to provide the high standard of customer service we expect, you need to be confident to engage in conversation with people you don’t know very well. We want you to be able to do this in a natural and friendly way that makes a customer feel welcome and valued. If you can show us this at interview, you’ll have an advantage.
  • Be a hard-worker: show us that you are not afraid of getting stuck in! It can be hard work but rewarding and enjoyable at the same time. You will be called upon to help out, even if it is not your department. We want flexible team players who muck in and are solution-focussed when challenges arise. If you can give us examples of this at interview, even better.
  • Be interested: be willing to learn because there is a lot to learn- about food, nutrition and our products. If you are naturally interested in what we do, you’ll enjoy the learning process.