Our Standards

planet organic Our Standards

Nowadays, so much food is processed, sprayed with pesticides and flown half way round the globe before it reaches our plate that it's more important than ever that we know what we're eating. From the horse meat scandal to the rise of GMO crops, we have seen the failures of the modern food industry shake our trust in what we buy from our local supermarkets. When we opened our doors on November 4th 1995, we knew that everyone who walked through our doors would come out knowing what was in their shopping bags, and trusting where it came from. That's the team on opening day way back then (picture right), and while much has changed, much still remains the same.

We are still just as committed to giving people fresh, unprocessed food, ethically produced from sources you can trust. You can rest assured that when you walk into a Planet Organic, every product on the shelves meets our extremely high standards, and so you can judge them for yourself, here they are; black and white, clear as crystal.

Only Natural

We never sell food which contains artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives, or anything else artificial. We also never have, and never will, sell GMO foods, or sell meat from animals fed GMO food.

Only Organic Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

The use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers damages the environment the crops are grown in and the people who eat them. For this reason, we have only ever sold organic fruit and vegetables.

Only Organic Meat, And All Our Fresh Meat Is Soil Association Certified And British, With The Exception Of Wild British Game

British Game Meat cannot be certified organic because it is wild. Our game comes from Rhug Estate Farm, who supply most of our organic fresh meat.

Only Soil Association Organic, British, Free-Range Eggs

Our eggs come from Rookery Farm in Littlehampton in West Sussex, where Rupert Langmead keeps what must be the happiest chickens in England. He maintains the highest levels of animal welfare, and personally puts his birds to bed each night.

Only Sustainable Fresh Fish

All of our fish is sustainably sourced and falls under the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Fish to Eat’ list. We frequently review our range to ensure it meets the highest level of sustainability and seasonality. 

Only Organic Fresh Bread And Patisserie, All From London Bakers

We work closely with Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery who craft bread starting with four simple ingredients - flour, water, salt and olive oil. Each loaf is made over two days, hand shaped and then baked direct on the oven floor, just as it should be.

Only Organic Juice & Coffee Bar And Food To Go

For customers looking to grab a drink we have an organic juice and coffee bar. Even our in-store kitchens are Soil Association certified organic.

When you buy from us, you're buying food you can trust, whilst helping to support a more sustainable method of agriculture for the future. Help us on our mission and buy organic wherever you can. Spread the word and remember - know what you're eating.